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HawkAIO provides a wide range of reliable premium monitors including Mesh, Solebox, SNS and more coming soon.

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About HawkAIO

Not just regular monitors.

At Hawk we believe in only the best. The best speeds, the best monitors and the best service. We want everyone to maximise as much profit as possible, sneaker and non-sneaker related.Well known for our speeds at top sites such as Solebox, we will continue creating more opportunities for success with a wide range of sites supported and more coming soon. We are constantly pushing the boundaries to provide faster notifications with new and intuitive ways to set your group up for success.

Supported Websites

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions by our users

How much do your services cost?

€600 (+VAT) for the AIO package and €125 (+VAT) for a single site

Is there a dashboard to add my design and webhooks?

Yes, after booking one of our plans a dashboard access will be assigned to you

I love your services, where do I sign up?

Please click the link to fill out the form and one of our representatives will be in touch!

Do I get 1-1 access to someone to help me with any queries I have?

Yes, please reach out in your respective ticket and someone will be happy to help you there!

I am a member in a group, how can I add these to the group?

Please contact the group owner and have them reach out to us!